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Hey there, friend! 

I'm Megan Halberstadt.  I'm a travel planning professional, digital planner designer, Navy wife, homeschooling mom of 4, stationery lover and book hoarder.

Once upon a time, I had it all together.  I had a career I loved, was never late going anywhere, I meal-prepped religiously every week, and my laundry was washed, folded AND put away on the same day!

Then I got married, had four children (whom we decided to homeschool because, hey, that sounds interesting...) and moved half-a-dozen times thanks to the Navy. That perfect fairytale I thought I had under control?  Well, it became more of a chaos-induced nightmare.  

That's when I knew.  I had to become intentional with my days.  Life was passing by in a stressful blur from the never-ending homeschool days where we just couldn't get all those dang boxes checked, to the rat-race of activities my kids just HAD to get to every night of the week. Dinner on the road was the norm and then we'd all fall into bed into a tired heap and sleep peacefully through the night.  Just kidding - we were all so ramped up from our day that settling down was impossible.  

I used to think that planning my days would impair our creative freedom within  our home.  But now I know the secret: by spending a few minutes each day to intentionally plan, our days are smoother, happier, and more productive. Guys, I'm not perfect.  I have plenty of days where I just feel like the burden is too heavy (ie - every Monday when it's laundry day....) but by creating community and connections, we find the encouragement to keep going!  

I've taken that same philosophy and applied it with my travel business clients.  Previously, I felt it was counterintuitive to plan my vacation days before we left home, thinking it wouldn't allow us the freedom we craved while away from our normal routine.   However, extensive and thoughtful plans made before the adventure begins eliminates decision fatigue, and allows you to fully immerse yourself and your family in each day of your vacation.  Don't worry - there's still time for spur of the moment fun, but by planning out the BIG STUFF, you're clearing your mind so you can be present to enjoy your vacation - talk about getting the most of your money, right!?

I'm known for creating sustainable systems for home management, homeschool, self care, and travel.  I'm super passionate about making time for a good book, women's health - both physical and mental, and creating connections with others who are in a similar place in life.

I provide free travel planning services, content, and design planner products that help my clients organize and take control of their life so they can enjoy and be present in their everyday moments.   

Ready to start planning your best year yet?

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