Spend time with those you love.

One day you'll either say

"I wish I had," or "I'm glad I did."

I became a travel advisor because I believe there's nothing more important than quality time spent with the ones you love the most.  Travel is a one-of-a-kind bonding experience and the lessons learned through exploration and adventure stay with you for a lifetime.  

More about Megan

As a homeschooling mom to four young children, and a military spouse whose husband travels more than he's home, I get it when you say you're BUSY!  I knew we needed to invest in quality time together away from home because as much as I try to ignore the piles of laundry or avoid the 16th birthday party of the month, time was coming up short. Instead of having fun together, we ended up stressed out and on edge.

That's why we decided to make travel a priority part of our family culture.  As your family travel advisor, I walk you through each step of the planning process making it painless and enjoyable.  You just pack your bags and head out on an amazing adventure with the people you love the most. 

I've spent countless hours researching, training, investigating, touring, and connecting with travel partners to find the very best resources and suppliers in the family, adults-only, and group travel industry.  I've done the legwork, let me know what you're dreaming of and I help you make your wishes come true!

These are a few of my favorite things...



My husband and I are self-proclaimed "Foodies" and we make it a point to experience new and exciting tasting and dining wherever we are.



As a personal favorite in our own family, I encourage you to take the whole gang along (it's a LOT more fun than another family reunion at Aunt Sally's, FYI).

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I'm not going to lie - I don't swim in the ocean (the saltiness gets me), but views of aqua-colored water from a perfectly-placed lounger?  I'd take that all day, every day.



I'm a Disney girl at heart - some call me crazy but we just can't stay away! I love exploring the resorts, savoring the dining, and enjoying the magic of the parks!




I'm HOOKED on cruising.  Hear me out - I'm not talking the overcrowded 'Booze Cruise' you took in college - more like the upscale dining, balcony views, hot stone massages, and incredible destinations kind of cruising.



As a homeschooling mom, we LOVE to read about historical places and then walk the streets of the old cities.  I took my first trip to Europe at age 16 and these memories have propelled my lifelong love affair of educational travel.