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There's truly no place better than the beach for your family to relax and recharge. Our unique portfolio of luxury beach resorts includes everything on your wishlist - whether you're seeking a remote and lush beach destination far from distractions or a bustling resort full of activities, kids clubs, and watersports  - you'll escape to the sun, soak up the vitamin SEA, and return home refreshed!

My TOP 5 Luxe Beach Destinations


There's a Hawaiian island and resort to fit every travel style and activity level making it a perfect family-friendly beach destination.  The unique mountainous and volcanic topography of the islands lend to incredible hiking and stunning backdrops while you relax in the sand. Hawaii also has an incredible culturally-rich history that is still very alive today.  Experience a luau, taste pineapples fresh from the plantation, and visit the somber, yet important, site of Pearl Harbor.   


Considered the best in the world by many, Turks & Caicos' beaches are the perfect combination of powdery white and sand and the most vibrant shades of blue.  The calm waters of Grace Bay Beaches are perfect for kids and adults making it a fabulous family destination.  Several of our favorite resorts are located along the beaches of Turks & Caicos from minimalistic ultra-luxurious villas to family-centered mega-resorts.  You simply cannot go wrong with Turks & Caicos.


Situated along the coastline of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Riviera Maya is known for its long stretches of beaches with resorts to match all travel styles. Between beach days, take a day trip to visit the ancient Mayan Ruins or explore the nearby ecological park.  The perfect combination of adventure, history, and tranquility make Riviera Maya a fantastic beach destination for all. 


St. Lucia is exactly what comes to mind when you think of a tropical paradise - incredible resorts, sparkling blue waters, and breathtaking landscapes.  Digging deeper, there are several more reasons why St. Lucia deserves a spot at the top of your beachy bucket list.  St. Lucia offers ultimate underwater experiences, first-rate snorkel and diving will get you up close and personal with the island's ocean life.  Spend a day visiting local villages and get to know the locals and appreciated their way of life, or discover lush forests with jaw-dropping waterfalls.  This is truly an unforgettable beach experience.



If you're looking for something a little different from your average tropical beach vacation, the Greek Isles are a perfect choice.  The beaches here are charming and full of unique surprises.  Walk to a nearby cafe overlooking the ocean, wander the historical old city streets, or take a boat tour.  With several island options, we're able to perfectly match your family to the exact vibe you're looking for.  Stay on one island or spend a few weeks exploring several, the choice is yours.

The vacation was wonderful and we had downtime as well as planned time. Being an older person it takes longer to be somewhere because you don’t move as fast. Things flowed smoothly and I never felt rushed at all. It was the best vacation I have ever had.

Renata H, Michigan


At first glance, it may seem all beach vacations are created equally.  While there certainly may be water and sand, that may be the ONLY thing these destinations have in common.  Just as your family is unique and has different preferences and personalities, each location and resort also has distinctive attributes that make it the perfect (or not-so-perfect) fit for you.

You work too hard for your money (and time!) to be wasted.  That's where we step in.  We've spent countless hours investing in destination training, touring, connecting with our resort partners, and consulting families just like yours on their ideal beach vacation.  By getting to know you and your specific tastes, we're able to play vacation matchmaker resulting in your best trip yet!

Our concierge Vacation Planning Services are seamless from start to finish.  Included in your planning package you will receive:

  • A vacation planning consultation call where we discuss specifics of how you like to travel, your style, budget, and all the details.  I'm able to narrow down which destination and resort choices best suited for your needs.

  • Custom-curated vacation proposal including your best vacation options.  In this proposal, I will outline 2-3 resorts, destinations, accommodations, inclusions, and pros/cons so you can make the best-informed choice.

  • Dining and activity reservations

  • Access to me via phone or email for questions at any time

  • Daily itinerary in your very own app outlining all travel, dining, & activities so you know exactly what's going on each day

  • Group management (so you don't have to chase down Aunt Linda for her payment...)

In addition, when you choose to work with me, I'm able to pass along VIP perks and a few extra-special surprises along the way!

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