Hey Friend!


Here's your Ultimate Cruise Packing Checklist PDF!  This is a GREAT list of all the things you'll need to take on your cruise.  


Some other questions to ask yourself as you pack for your trip:


  1. What will the weather be like?  (Alaska vs. Jamaica....)

  2. What kind of excursions am I planning to do? (Beach sitting vs. Climbing a Volcano?)

  3. How many days will I be gone? (Pack extra vs. do laundry in the middle)

  4. What kind of special, dress-up events will take place on my cruise and do I want to participate? (Pirate Night, Formal Night, Halloween Parties, etc)

I truly hope you find this list a valuable and helpful resource.



P.S. If your head is spinning and you're looking for advice regarding itineraries, hotels, destinations, or overall travel planning - let me take that off your shoulders!  Start here: My Trip Planning Form.

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