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5 Must-Visit Stops in Dubrovnik for Game of Thrones Fans

The Game of Thrones has gained impressive popularity over the years. Dubrovnik, Croatia, is the lovely city where the production of the show takes place. The land has a rich culture, and these five places are top attractions for fan visitors.

1. The Jesuit Stairs

The Baroque stairs are famous for their appearance in Season Five of the series during the unforgettable 'Walk of Shame' scene.

These beautiful stairs gracefully stretch from Gundulic Square to St. Ignatius Church, showcasing captivating Spanish architecture.

This iconic moment made the location skyrocket in popularity, turning it into a beloved landmark that many visit. When you climb to the top, you're rewarded with a charming vista and a splendid panoramic view of the city.

2. Fort Lovrijenac

Located on the outskirts of Dubrovnik's Old Town, the St. Lawrence Fortress is an incredible place to visit. It's not only a famous theater and historical site, but also a filming location for the magnificent halls of the 'Red Keep'. And let's not forget about the exterior that perfectly captures the essence of Blackwater Bay! So, come on in and immerse yourself in the captivating ancient history within its storied walls. You won't be disappointed!

3. City Walls

The City Walls of Dubrovnik are absolutely amazing and played a big role in why the producers chose to film this beloved series there. You'll see these Medieval-style walls in countless scenes, including ones near the Narrow Sea and even some private walks on the show! If you're interested, you can take a tour of the walls for a small fee. There are three main entrances, and during the tour, you'll also get a chance to check out the stunning Lovrijenac Fortress and capture some beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea. It's definitely worth it for GOT fans!

4. Tresteno Arboretum

This filming spot, known as the Kings Landing and Red Keep's Garden in the show, is about 10 miles away from Dubrovnik. The park is absolutely stunning and it perfectly captures the privacy portrayed in the series. Plus, it's one of the oldest arboretums in the world, and the hedges with the floral arrangements are just flawless.

5. Island of Lokrum

Merely 600 meters away from the city awaits an extraordinary island, home to the iconic 'Iron Throne'. Nestled within the Visitor's Center, this marvel is yours to discover, completely free of charge. Capture the moment as you sit upon this illustrious seat, striking a pose and creating timeless memories.

Wherever you go in Dubrovnik, you'll totally feel the essence of the show. As you casually stroll through the streets, you'll definitely catch sight of those familiar scenes and details which just increases the charm of the city.


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