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At-Home Adventures: Free Geography Unit Studies for Adventurous Kids!

With our At-Home Adventures, you'll find everything you need to create a fun and engaging journey with your kids to a new county. Through carefully selected books, hands-on activities, virtual tours, and culinary treats, you'll be immersed in new cultures without leaving your home. At-Home Adventures are a fantastic way to prepare your kids for an upcoming trip or simply learn about new places around the globe.

My TOP 5 TIPS to Unit Study Success:

  1. Don't Overdo It - Simple is best and done is better than perfect. This is homeschool mantra #1. You do NOT need to over-complicate things or have every single thing in the resource list to create an effective unit study! Have fun with the supplies you have around your house. Believe me, your kids are going to remember the time spent together over any Pinterest-worthy craft.

  2. Keep it Short and Sweet - No need to drag out your formal lessons all. day. long. Your job is to inspire the love of learning, your kids will run with it if they're not confined to sitting at the table all day long. I suggest choosing one country per week to focus on and spending 30-60 minutes per day exploring the information provided.

  3. Follow Their Lead - Feel free to dive deeper into a country and culture if your child seems especially interested. Ask them what they'd like to do or if they have any ideas for additional activities. In the same way, if they're not feeling it, don't force it!

  4. Busywork is Boring - You won't find a ton of printable packs in my Unit Studies - that's because, in general, printable pages are busywork and rarely useful in igniting the passion of a subject. For somethings like mapping, it's absolutely essential, but know that you don't have to go overboard on written work (word searches, crossword puzzles, etc). Focus on hands-on learning and experiences with a little written work thrown in. For example, after you discuss a topic, ask your child, "What was your favorite thing you learned today?". Write out his answer, and have him trace or copy it based on their ability. Older students can write a short paragraph in a Geography notebook going over today's topic. It's simple but effective.

  5. Know There Will be Gaps - There's absolutely no way we can include and teach every single thing about every single topic. It's just too broad. Shift your mindset from "I need to teach them everything about XYZ" to "I want to encourage a love of learning about new cultures so I will introduce interesting information about XYZ". Your child's mind is not a cup that needs to be filled, rather a fire to be ignited. Be ok with gaps in their knowledge - this happens in school or out and is a natural part of life's education.

Free Unit Study
Elizabeth, age 4, making hot cocoa

At Home Adventure Units

Over time, I will continue to add units set around the world. Current At Home Adventure Units can be found using the links below.

Costa Rica



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