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5 Amazing Alaskan Cruise Excursions for Families

The sights you'll take in from your Alaskan cruise deck are breathtaking, but take your vacation experience up a notch with these hands-on and sensory-rich Alaskan experiences that your family will remember for the rest of their lives.

1. See Sea Crab Fisherman at Work


Venture aboard a genuine sea crab fishing vessel that’s been featured on the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch! You'll be with an authentic fishing crew and catching gear - the upper deck has been fashioned for traveling guests to ride in the heated and comfortable upper deck.

As you enjoy the boat ride, you'll hear the history of the commercial fishing industry in Alaska and watch for Alaskan wildlife both in the water and on the shores nearby. You'll be able to watch the huge crab pots being hauled aboard and even be able to touch the giant crustaceans. A fun and educational family favorite adventure!


2. Whale and Wildlife Watching


One of the most intimate whale viewings along the Alaskan coast, your experienced captain will lead the way as he takes you to the most frequented areas by whales and other wildlife off the shores of Icy Strait!

Be on the lookout for whales of course, but you'll likely also spot sea lions, sea otters, eagles, porpoises, and puffins. Animal-loving families can't miss this one.


3. Helicopter and Dog Sled Tour


Soar high above the glacier-carved mountains on your helicopter flight to the camp. You'll land on the 10+ feet of snow on Herbert Glacier and you'll be greeted by 80 barking huskies who are anxious to get moving!

After a short chat with instructions about how to stop and use the sled, you'll set off with the dog sled on a 2-mile loop, stopping for photos along the way.


4. Harbor & Islands Guided Paddle


After a brief safety and instructional orientation, you'll set out at a leisurely pace to explore sheltered waterways, harbors, and coves by kayak.

Source: Alaskan Travel Adventures

Beyond the harbor, your guided tour will explore island shores and kelp forests, and point out the abundant wildlife above and below the water’s surface. If the time and season are right, you may also have the opportunity to visit a small aquarium and salmon hatchery or watch wild salmon gathering near a stream, preparing to spawn.


5. Salmon Bake & Gold Mining


Relive and learn about Alaska's gold mining days of the past. Your hosts will take you to Last Chance Basin, where you can see the remains of the Alaska-Juneau gold mine and teach earn how to pan for gold and keep everything you find.

After panning for gold, you'll enjoy a fresh grilled salmon bake and all the accompaniments. Local musicians play as you dine, and afterward, you'll roast marshmallows over an open fire before returning to your cruise ship.

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