When you're planning a multi-faceted vacation with accommodations, tours, dining, and transportation, the stakes are high - you only get one chance to get it right.  

As your travel advisor, I'm here to guide the process and handle all the details.  I listen to your vision and use my expertise and local connections to make your dream vacation a reality.


We know that researching and planning for your family vacation can be overwhelming and incredibly time-consuming. From finding the perfect hotels to selecting reliable and safe tours, to arranging timely and appropriate transportation, things can quickly go amiss if you show up and things are not as expected, causing your vacation to be full of confusion, frustration, and disappointment. It shouldn’t be that way. When we plan vacations for our clients, they feel supported and confident in every aspect of their travels.


Our one-time $250 professional planning fee includes the meticulous organization of everything you need for your complete trip from start to finish, allowing you to sit back and relax while we design a vacation that is exactly what you want.

Our Concierge Travel Planning Services Include:

  • Trip planning consultation to go over details, desires, hobbies, and priorities

  • 2-3 custom trip proposals based on our previous conversation to include hotels, activity recommendations, restaurant recommendations, on-site transportation, and everything you need for your complete trip from start to finish.

  • Travel insurance quotes + info to ensure you're protecting your investment

  • Arranging dining, spa services, excursions, and tours

  • Access to our agency portfolio of client-exclusive upgrades and additional amenities at various properties throughout the world

  • Booking services

  • Access to my digital PDF planning guides

  • Email, phone, and texting access for questions or concerns

  • A customized daily Itinerary available through your own private app, with all your travel documents linked for easy access

  • In case of a travel emergency, access to our on-ground support partners while you are traveling

  • + a few extra special surprises along the way designed to make you feel excited and prepared for your new destination!

Image by Jonathan Gallegos

Are we a good match?

You trust professionals for the important things in life, like when filing taxes, fixing your car, or purchasing insurance - you value experience and travel is no different! You're ready to hand over all the details to a trusted partner and avoid hours of never-ending research.

You want an actual person who can answer your questions as they come up because Google doesn't KNOW you (nor will it come to your assistance when things don't go as planned). You want a vacation that is tailored to your family's hobbies, personal needs, and travel style.  

You value quality experiences: delicious meals, beautiful hotels, and engaging and interactive tours that immerse you in new cultures and 'behind-the-scenes' fun.  You even like to learn a thing or two while on vacation


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