Q&A: How Many Days Should I Spend at Universal Studios?

Q: How Many Days Should I Spend at Universal Studios Theme Parks?

How many days Universal Studios

A: Over 50% of my clients choose to visit Universal Orlando alongside their Walt Disney World vacation, and the same question always comes up, "How many days should I spend at Universal?".

The answer to your question is going to vary greatly on the ages in your group, the goals of your trip.....and your level of love for Harry Potter.

Let me break it down by group for you:

Parents with young children (I'd say 6 and under), who do not ride intense attractions and are not familiar with Harry Potter:

  • One day would be likely be sufficient to ride many the small rides in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. You may not have a chance to do EVERYTHING, but small children can get a taste of Universal fun. Some really fun 'kiddie' attractions include Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse kid's coaster, Curious George play and splash area, and my favorite , Minion Mayhem 4D Show in Universal Studios. At Islands of Adventure kids will love the Flight of the Hippogriff at Hogwarts and several attractions within Seuss Landing.

Adults only OR Parents with older kids - Harry Potter LOVERS

  • I recommend at least 2 days, but 3-4 is truly needed to fully appreciate both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is breathtakingly themed; you will actually feel like you are right there in the adventure. Our family easily spends 2 days in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, repeating those attractions we love the most and exploring all the intricate details of the many shops. Add that to another day or two for the remaining portions of the theme parks - really to see and do it all, you'll need 3-4 days.

how many days at Universal Orlando

But I Only Have ONE Day to tour Universal Orlando!

I completely understand. There is so much to see and do at Universal, even if you spent 4-5 days, there may be some attractions you'd not have time for. If you are only attending for one day and want to make the very most of your time, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Express Pass for your tickets. With this service, you can hop to the front of the line of nearly every attraction (including Wizarding World attractions). While the price is steep (starting at $99 per person on top of general admission), It's a guaranteed way to save an immense amount of time.

How Many Days At Universal Studios
Toothsome Chocolate Factory at Universal Studios

Truthfully, I feel like Universal Orlando gets a bad rap - like the less-exciting stepsister of Walt Disney World - like it's not worthy of your precious vacation time.

But I beg to differ.

Universal Orland has some of the most incredible and immersive theming I've ever experienced, gorgeous deluxe-level resorts (for a fraction of the cost of a Disney Resort, BTW). If you can't tell - I'm pretty pumped about this, because you don't have to choose one or the other, you can love BOTH Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando for the exciting things they each bring to their guests.

I hope you found this helpful, and as always, if you have a question you can always leave it below, or reach out to me at Megan@PolkaDotsNWishesTravel.com! Have a fantastic week!


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