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Visiting the Caribbean with Kids: The Best Caribbean Islands for Families

You're ready to take your family and escape to sandy beaches and blue waters, and the Caribbean islands are a perfect choice for a family's first foray outside of the country.

The Caribbean offers a huge variety of All-Inclusives and beachfront resorts which make the travel process seamless and stress-free, and for many, it's a short airplane trip away - you could be sitting in white sand drinking a mojito by noon!

But which islands are BEST for a kid-friendly vacation (that the adults will love too)? Read below to find your perfect vacation match!

1. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Not only does Turks and Caicos boast one of the very best beaches in the Caribbean, but these beaches are also some of the softest and whitest beaches in the world. Pair that with the endless turquoise and crystal clear waters - it's a beach lovers absolute paradise. My favorite truly magical spot is Grace Bay Beach.

Because this bay lacks large waves, this three-mile stretch of beach is the perfect spot for your little ones to build sandcastles, beachcomb for shells, or wade among the waters.

2. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory which means that passports are not a requirement to travel here which can save money and stress. Because there are so many cultural activities to explore in Puerto Rico, we absolutely love it for families who want to learn and explore on their vacations.

Head to the El Yunque rainforest, the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. National Forest system, to see the Puerto Rican green parrot, Puerto Rican boa, and Puerto Rican Sharp-Shinned Hawk in their natural habitat. History buffs will love a stroll through Old San Juan for its Spanish Colonial architecture and historic fortresses.

3. Grand Cayman

When traveling with kids, safety is number one. That's why Grand Caymen is a fantastic family pick - Crime in Grand Caymen is extremely low easing the stress of traveling parents. My favorite spot on Grand Caymen is a gorgeous stretch of waterfront known as Seven Mile Beach and there are several lovely resorts scattered along the way.

CAN'T MISS: snorkel out to Stingray City — a group of shallow sandbars where you'll meet giant stingrays up close and personal!

4. St. Lucia

For fans of Hawaii (or those who have it on their bucket list), check out St. Lucia. The topography of St. Lucia makes it an interesting and adventurous island to explore with your family. Zip through the Treetop Adventure Park to get a bird's eye view of the landscape meeting the ocean and hike the forests.

To relax after a day of exploring, you'll find some of the most beautiful and charming resorts with private sandy beaches.

5. Jamaica

Jamaica is a popular Caribbean family destination, perfect for active families who want a taste of everything: culture, food, friendly faces, and activities by land and sea. The myriad resort options available ensure there's something perfect for everyone's travel style: think everything from small chic boutiques to mega-resorts with waterparks!

Our favorite location to stay is along the Seven Mile Beach, which is exactly what it sounds like: seven miles of uninterrupted white sands and sea salt waters.

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