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MultiGeneration Travel: The New Family Reunion

Skip going back 'home' this year and squeezing everyone into your childhood bedroom for a week (I may or may not be familiar with this....). Instead, grab grandma and grandpa and head to a paradise to explore the world together, and create lasting memories for your little ones.

Multigenerational travel is one of the hottest travel trends, and for good reason. It's like getting your cake and eating it, too. Quality time with Grandma and Grandpa + an amazing getaway? It's a recipe for success.

Don't forget to grab your FREE Multigenerational Vacation Planning Worksheet! I'll walk you through the 10 questions you need to discuss before traveling with your extended family.

More Extended Families are Choosing to Travel Together

travel with grandparents

Baby boomers are living longer and healthier lives and are now able (and willing) to travel distances to spend time with their grandchildren and family. As families spread out geographically, it's necessary to make time together to re-enforce special relationships, and as nice as FaceTime and Alexa are, it just doesn't replace that in-person contact.

Money Matters - Who Pays?

There's no right or wrong way! Some grandparents see this as an opportunity to share their wealth and spend time with grandchildren. Sometimes the kids cover all costs as a way of gifting their parents the time away. And others yet will split the bill evenly among all adults or families.

Where to go? The TOP Multigenerational Travel Types

  • Cruising - Taking a cruise with family is a great way to spend time together but still provide tons of activities for families to do individually. Decreased focus on walking will be a plus for older family members, as well as for the youngest ones. Cruise brands like Disney or Royal Caribbean provide everything from childcare, to spa services, to Bingo - surely something for everyone.

  • All-Inclusive Resorts - This is my favorite multigenerational travel style because all your troubles will be taken care of and you're truly able to focus on each other. All-Inclusive resorts, like Beaches Turks & Caicos, are made specifically with families in mind with water parks, sandy beaches, and amazing dining selections (21 restaurants!). All-Inclusive travel also takes the focus OFF of the 'who-is-paying-for-what', because EVERYTHING is paid for upfront before the vacation begins. So you can just show up and relax.

  • Historical Vacations - Imagine traveling back to the land of your ancestors with your family! Discover your rich history and walk the streets where your family's story began. Incredible family-focused group tours are now more popular and accessible than ever through wonderful travel providers like Adventures by Disney and National Geographic. Experienced and local guides, VIP access, incredible hands-on experiences, and delicious food - it's all planned out perfectly for your family.

  • Theme Parks - I have clients who make it a priority to travel to Walt Disney World each year with their grandchildren. Being a part of those magic memories is priceless. With so many parks, dining options, and shopping, it's like a world of its own. Groups can split up during the day and meet back together in the evening for dinner and a show. It's the perfect balance of quality time and exploration.

Get Started Planning Your Amazing Multi-Gen Trip

I've created free PDF that outlines the exact questions I ask my clients when guiding them through the multigenerational travel planning process. Grab your copy below.

Have you taken a multigenerational family vacation? I'd love to hear about your experiences over in the Meg Plans Travel Facebook Group!


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