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You Need a Travel Pro in the Digital Age: Here's Why.

"Travel Agents still exist? I thought they went extinct with the rise of the internet."

This is exactly what was said when I ran into an old friend last week. She just could not believe that I had left my lucrative career in the medical field to help people plan vacations from my home. And she's not the first one who has said this (and I'm sure there's plenty more who have thought it).

And she wasn't wrong.

The ancient job description of the travel agent IS extinct. In days of the past, everyone had to use a travel agent as a 'middleman' between the travel suppliers and travelers. There weren't many options and everything was done on paper. Travelers did not have the vast amount of choices that people do today.

Enter: The Internet {{And now, AI}}

And then the internet was invented and now we all have the literal world at our fingertips! Hundreds of countries to visit, resorts to see, and attractions to ride. There are Fastpasses to book, excursions to schedule, and dining to indulge in. There are SO. MANY. CHOICES.

And that's where the Modern Travel Advisor comes in.

I'd like you to imagine you're at your local grocery store. You'd like to purchase some breakfast cereal, but there's one problem - you've never tasted ANY of the cereals before and you're standing in the 100-foot long cereal aisle with 5 rows of cereal in front of you. Different brands and different types: healthy, extra fiber, organic, just for kids, and whole grain.

Which cereal should you buy?

  • The Lucky Charms box looks perfect for the kids....but they're not the healthiest.

  • What is the marshmallow to cereal ratio?

  • No, you need something healthier. How about Rice Krispies...

  • No, they're too boring.

  • Berry-Chocolate-Frosted-Flavored Rice Krispies? Hmmmmm.

  • But what are they flavored with? Is this going to give me a strange allergy that's going to leave me itching all day?

  • No, you're definitely getting granola.

  • But is the name brand that much better than the store brand?

You give up. You pick the box closest to you with the brightest illustration and throw it into your cart. Who knows if you've actually purchased the cereal that would make your heart sing (ok, your taste buds).

This is EXACTLY the dilemma travelers have today when they hop online to book their vacation. My clients come to me suffering from choice overload and severe decision fatigue. They need someone to listen to their needs and wants, and then come back to them with a few custom options that fit their family, vacation style, and budget.

It doesn't mean you're not planning your own vacation (because YOU are still deciding where to go and what to do), the travel agent is there as a trusted guide to make sure you get the most of your hard-earned cash.

We see this concept in other industries, as well. As the number of choices continues to rise, people are demanding clarity in how they're spending their money. People are seeking trusted guides for all aspects of their lives. One who is starting a business might hire a business coach who can help navigate the business model and avoid big financial mistakes.

A wedding planner, for instance, does not decide the color schemes, dresses, dinner menus, or flower varieties for the bride. She is there to be an informative advisor over the planning process, making suggestions as needed, or recommendations for quality vendors she has worked with in the past (and subpar businesses to avoid!).

"Megan was amazing! Not only did she have wonderful recommendations, but she got us into a last-minute breakfast reservation that had been booked for months, scheduled our fast passes for us and helped us switch parks and fast passes mid-trip when one of the parks was too busy and we changed our minds. We will use her again for our next family trip." -Anna K., VA

Is a travel advisor perfect for every trip?

No. If you're traveling from your town to visit Aunt June and need to book one airplane ticket, of course, you can just book that online easily.

Travel Advisors specialize in knowing how to get the most out of your money and time, and are trained to match your family or group perfectly to a resort, destination, or cruise ship based on your specific travel goals.

We'd love to help plan your perfect vacation.

We're experts in helping you plan the perfect getaway. If you've never used a travel advisor before, we'd love to show you the difference working with a travel professional can make for your overall vacation experience (think: upgraded amenities, increased value, and a few extra surprises along the way).

Let's work together - fill out your Trip Planning Form to get started!


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