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The 5 Must-Have Accessories for your Next Family Vacation

You'll be so glad you've got these handy items on your next getaway!

Traveling, especially with family, can be stressful! Be extra prepared and ready for any adventure with these useful travel items. Click on item images to be taken to Amazon to read more or purchase*.

*Hey, I'm all about full disclosure here, so the following items will be linked to Amazon, where if purchased I get a small percentage that goes towards running this blog and taking my family on fun adventures, too!

1. Portable Phone Charger

Have you ever had the absolute perfect, beyond gorgeous photo opportunity just to run out of battery on your phone? Don't risk missing out on your perfect family photo. I love this powerless phone charger, I carry it when touring so I can recharge easily whenever and wherever needed.

FAMILY TRAVEL SPECIALIST TIP: When traveling in large family groups, it's easy to get split up! You really don't want to run out of phone charge when you're separated from your loved ones.

2. Travel Infinity Scarf

Keep your personal things safe while traveling through the airport, at a theme park or while touring the city. I have this scarf and have really loved having my phone and cash stored safely without having to worry about carrying a purse or travel bag for quick trips out.

FAMILY TRAVEL SPECIALIST TIP: If you're traveling to Disney, you'll need to go through security checkpoints. The line for bag check is much longer than those without, so by carrying your things in this scarf, you will save tons of time at the park entrance.

3. Packing Cubes

If you haven't used these cubes for packing, you're missing out. Compartmentalize you're items into 'drawers' so you can easily find what you need without digging through your items and making a huge mess.

FAMILY TRAVEL SPECIALIST TIP: These packing cubes come in 7 colors, making it easy to color code for each family member!

4. Collapsible Water Bottles

These water bottles roll up small to fit in your carry-on at the airport, or in your backpack for a day at the theme park. Help the environment a bit, too, and choose a collapsible water bottle instead of purchasing an overpriced bottled water on your travels.

FAMILY TRAVEL SPECIALIST TIP: Fill 3/4 with water and freeze overnight for cold water throughout your day. When you're done, roll it up and put it in your bag with space to spare.

5. Digital Luggage Scale

Avoid any surprises at the airport with a digital luggage scale. Small and portable, it fits easily into your luggage. Don't worry about your luggage weight - even with your new souvenirs.

FAMILY TRAVEL SPECIALIST TIP: Throw a foldable duffle bag like this one into your luggage in case you're over the weight limit. This one is designed to perfectly fit under an airline seat - no worries about extra charges.

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